// ** This class was generated with DemFGen (vers:11/17/2009)

namespace edu.neu.ccs.demeterf.http.classes{

using edu.neu.ccs.demeterf.lib;
using System.Net.Sockets;
using System.Text;
using System.IO;

using System;

/** Representation of MsgHead */
public class MsgHead{
    protected readonly ident key;
    protected readonly ident value;

    /** Construct a(n) MsgHead Instance */
    public MsgHead(ident key, ident value){
        this.key = key;
        this.value = value;
    /** Is the given object Equal to this MsgHead? */
    public override bool Equals(Object o){
        if(!(o is MsgHead))return false;
        if(o == this)return true;
        MsgHead oo = (MsgHead)o;
        return (key.Equals(oo.key))&&(value.Equals(oo.value));
    /** Parse an instance of MsgHead from the given String */
    public static new MsgHead Parse(String inpt) {
        return new TheParser(new System.IO.StringReader(inpt)).parse_MsgHead();
    /** Parse an instance of MsgHead from the given Stream */
    public static new MsgHead Parse(System.IO.Stream inpt) {
        return new TheParser(inpt).parse_MsgHead();
    /** Parse an instance of MsgHead from the given Reader */
    public static new MsgHead Parse(System.IO.TextReader inpt) {
        return new TheParser(inpt).parse_MsgHead();

    /** Field Class for MsgHead.key */
    public class keyF : edu.neu.ccs.demeterf.Fields.any{}
    /** Field Class for MsgHead.value */
    public class valueF : edu.neu.ccs.demeterf.Fields.any{}

    /** Create a MsgHeader from key/value Strings */
    public MsgHead(String k, String v):this(new ident(k), new ident(v)){}

    /** DGP method from Class PrintToString */
    public override String ToString(){ return global::edu.neu.ccs.demeterf.http.classes.PrintToString.PrintToStringM(this); }
    /** Getter for field MsgHead.value */
    public ident GetValue(){ return value; }
    /** Getter for field MsgHead.key */
    public ident GetKey(){ return key; }