Package edu.neu.ccs.demeterf.dispatch

DemeterF method dispatch functions and classes.


Class Summary
ConstrEntry Implements a DBEntry for Constructors
DBEntry<M> DBEntry is a generic Class that wraps a 'method' (or any kind of related signature class) for inclusion in a MethodDB list.
MethodDB<M> MethodDB is a List of DBEntries.
MethodEntry Represents a Normal Java Method DBEntry
Type Represents a Type...
TypePred<M> A Predicate over DBEntries: Is the given DBEntry applicable to this array of Types (arguments)?
TypeSort<M> Implementation of Lessthan for sorting DBEntries.

Exception Summary
TypeSearchException Exception thrown when a Type/Class is not found in any Search Path

Package edu.neu.ccs.demeterf.dispatch Description

DemeterF method dispatch functions and classes. We separate this out to be able to implement our own selection function. Ideally we could do without reflection all together, but we still need to get the types of functions and objects.

For each function object we create a MethodDB that holds the applicable (correctly named) methods and their signatures. We use functional lists to implement the filter/sort selection of the actual dispatch when needed.

See the individual class definitions for more information.