Package edu.neu.ccs.demeterf.http.classes

Interface Summary
TheParserConstants Token literal values and constants.

Class Summary
BaseURL Representation of BaseURL Field Class for
GetReq Representation of GetReq
HeadReq Representation of HeadReq
HTTPHead Representation of HTTPHead
HTTPHead.url Field Class for HTTPHead.url
HTTPHead.ver Field Class for HTTPHead.ver
HTTPReq Representation of HTTPReq
HTTPReq.body Field Class for HTTPReq.body
HTTPReq.head Field Class for HTTPReq.head
HTTPReq.keys Field Class for HTTPReq.keys
HTTPResp Representation of HTTPResp
HTTPResp.body Field Class for HTTPResp.body
HTTPResp.keys Field Class for HTTPResp.keys
HTTPResp.label Field Class for HTTPResp.label
HTTPResp.resp Field Class for HTTPResp.resp
HTTPResp.ver Field Class for HTTPResp.ver
HTTPVer Representation of HTTPVer
HTTPVer.ver Field Class for HTTPVer.ver
MidURL Representation of MidURL Field Class for Field Class for
MsgHead Representation of MsgHead
MsgHead.key Field Class for MsgHead.key
MsgHead.value Field Class for MsgHead.value
NoURL Representation of NoURL
PostReq Representation of PostReq
PrintToString Computes a String representation in CD Syntax, named as a ToString method
ReqHandler Representation of ReqHandler
SimpleCharStream An implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (without unicode processing).
TheParserTokenManager Token Manager.
Token Describes the input token stream.
URL Representation of URL

Enum Summary
HTTPReq.ReqType Request Types

Exception Summary
ParseException This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.

Error Summary
TokenMgrError Token Manager Error.