Class FromResource

  extended by android.image.Image
      extended by android.image.RasterImage
          extended by android.image.FromFile
              extended by android.image.FromResource

public class FromResource
extends FromFile

Represents an Image from an Android Project Resource.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
FromResource(android.content.res.Resources res, int id)
          Create an Image from the given Resources and ID.
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flipHorizontal, flipVertical, overlay, overlay, overlayxy, overlayxy, overlayxy, overlayxy, overlayxy, overlayxy, rasterize, rotate, rotate, toFile, toScene, toWhiteFile, toWhiteScene
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Constructor Detail


public FromResource(android.content.res.Resources res,
                    int id)
Create an Image from the given Resources and ID. In an Eclipse Android project, adding an image to the res/drawable-* directories causes resource IDs to be generated in the R class. The application's Resources instance can be obtained from the current Activity using ContextWrapper.getResources(). Image resource IDs are cached so that images are only loaded once.