Class Melody

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Iterable<Chord>, SoundConstants

public class Melody
extends java.lang.Object
implements SoundConstants, java.lang.Iterable<Chord>

Represents a collection of chords that can be played in sequence. Based in part on a class originally designed by Viera K. Proulx.

Field Summary
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Accordion, AcousticBass, AcousticBassDrum, AcousticGrandPiano, AcousticGuitar_nylon, AcousticGuitar_steel, AcousticSnare, Agogo, AltoSax, Applause, APPLAUSE, Bagpipe, BAGPIPE, Banjo, BaritoneSax, BASS, BassDrum_1, Bassoon, BIRD_TWEET, BirdTweet, BlownBottle, BrassSection, BreathNoise, BrightAcousticPiano, Cabasa, Celesta, Cello, CELLO, ChineseCymbal, CHOIR, ChoirAahs, ChurchOrgan, Clarinet, Claves, Clavi, ClosedHiHat, Contrabass, Cowbell, CrashCymbal_1, CrashCymbal_2, DistortionGuitar, DrawbarOrgan, Dulcimer, ElectricBass_finger, ElectricBass_pick, ElectricGrandPiano, ElectricGuitar_clean, ElectricGuitar_jazz, ElectricGuitar_muted, ElectricPiano_1, ElectricPiano_2, ElectricSnare, EnglishHorn, Fiddle, Flute, FrenchHorn, FretlessBass, FX_1_rain, FX_2_soundtrack, FX_3_crystal, FX_4_atmosphere, FX_5_brightness, FX_6_goblins, FX_7_echoes, FX_8_scifi, Glockenspiel, GuitarFretNoise, GuitarHarmonics, Gunshot, HandClap, Harmonica, Harpsichord, Helicopter, HiBongo, HighAgogo, HighFloorTom, HighTimbale, HighTom, HiMidTom, HiWoodBlock, HonkyTonkPiano, INSTRUMENT_NAMES, INSTRUMENTS, Kalimba, Koto, Lead_1_square, Lead_2_sawtooth, Lead_3_calliope, Lead_4_chiff, Lead_5_charang, Lead_6_voice, Lead_7_fifths, Lead_8_basslead, LongGuiro, LongWhistle, LowAgogo, LowBongo, LowConga, LowFloorTom, LowMidTom, LowTimbale, LowTom, LowWoodBlock, Maracas, Marimba, MelodicTom, MusicBox, MuteCuica, MutedTrumpet, MuteHiConga, MuteTriangle, NoteA, NoteAp, NoteB, NoteC, NoteCp, NoteD, NoteDownA, NoteDownAp, NoteDownB, NoteDownC, NoteDownCp, NoteDownD, NoteDownDp, NoteDownE, NoteDownF, NoteDownFp, NoteDownG, NoteDownGp, NoteDp, NoteE, NoteF, NoteFp, NoteG, NoteGp, NoteUpA, NoteUpAp, NoteUpB, NoteUpC, NoteUpCp, NoteUpD, NoteUpDp, NoteUpE, NoteUpF, NoteUpFp, NoteUpG, NoteUpGp, Oboe, Ocarina, OpenCuica, OpenHiConga, OpenHiHat, OpenTriangle, OrchestraHit, OrchestralHarp, ORGAN, OverdrivenGuitar, Pad_1_newage, Pad_2_warm, Pad_3_polysynth, Pad_4_choir, Pad_5_bowed, Pad_6_metallic, Pad_7_halo, Pad_8_sweep, PanFlute, PedalHiHat, PERCUSSION, PercussiveOrgan, PIANO, Piccolo, PizzicatoStrings, Recorder, ReedOrgan, ReverseCymbal, RideBell, RideCymbal_2, RideCymbal1, RockOrgan, SAX, Seashore, SEASHORE, Shamisen, Shanai, ShortGuiro, ShortWhistle, SideStick, Sitar, Skakuhachi, SlapBass_1, SlapBass_2, SopranoSax, SplashCymbal, STEELDRUM, SteelDrums, StringEnsemble_1, StringEnsemble_2, SynthBass_1, SynthBass_2, SynthBrass_1, SynthBrass_2, SynthDrum, SynthStrings_1, SynthStrings_2, SynthVoice, TaikoDrum, Tambourine, TangoAccordion, TELEPHONE, TelephoneRing, TenorSax, Timpani, TinkleBell, TremoloStrings, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, TUBA, TubularBells, Vibraphone, Vibraslap, Viola, Violin, VIOLIN, VoiceOohs, Whistle, WOOD_BLOCK, Woodblock, Xylophone
Constructor Summary
Melody(java.util.ArrayList<Chord> chords)
          Construct a melody from the given list of chords.
Melody(Chord... chords)
          Construct an melody with the given sequence of Chords.
Melody(Note... notes)
          Initialize the melody from a monotone sequence of notes
Method Summary
 java.util.Iterator<Chord> iterator()
          Return an Iterator over the Chords in this Melody.
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Constructor Detail


public Melody(Chord... chords)
Construct an melody with the given sequence of Chords.


public Melody(java.util.ArrayList<Chord> chords)
Construct a melody from the given list of chords.


public Melody(Note... notes)
Initialize the melody from a monotone sequence of notes

Method Detail


public java.util.Iterator<Chord> iterator()
Return an Iterator over the Chords in this Melody.

Specified by:
iterator in interface java.lang.Iterable<Chord>