Package edu.neu.ccs.demeterf.demfgen.pcdgp

DemeterF per-class DGP classes.


Class Summary
PCDGPFunc The base class of Per Class Data-Generic Function generation.

Package edu.neu.ccs.demeterf.demfgen.pcdgp Description

DemeterF per-class DGP classes.

The class PCDGPFunc can be extended to implement functionality for all the classes in a given CD, generated on a per-class basis. This is done with a DemeterF traversal over each TypeDef from the CD. The structures involved are defined in the demfgen CD file:

The provided PCDGP functions are as follows:

The functions to be generated are specified as an argument to DemeterF with the option: --pcdgp: immediately followed by a list of PCDGPFunc class names separated by colons (":").


        MainC = <i> int <d> double.

Build With:
        Java:  java demeterf any.beh ./ --pcdgp:Getters
          C#:  java demeterfcs any.beh ./ --pcdgp:Getters

Generated Class Snipet (For Both):
        public class MainC{
            protected final int i;
            protected final double d;
            /** Other ... Stuff * /
            /** Getter for field MainC.d * /
            public double getD(){ return d; }
            /** Getter for field MainC.i * /
            public int getI(){ return i; }

See individual source files for more details.